Here is a listing of the webinars Rita has done for members of the Ohio Chapter National Association of Social Workers. There is no direct link to each of the webinars. Please click on link below and look for the title of your choosing. Look for a button called "RECORDED WEBINARS," to get started. 

Program Titles: 

Behind the Veil: Clinical Considerations with Arab American Clients

Cancer Survivorship 101: Embracing a New Normal

Caregiving and the Holidays

Clinical Considerations: Social Media and Gaming with Tweens and Teens

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 101

Dual Diagnosis: Navigating a Wellness Path in Troubled Times

Forgiveness: The FundamentalsForgiveness

Low on Super Powers? Strength-Boosting Ideas for Caregivers

Mindfulness Cognitive-Based Therapy: The Fundamentals

Palliative Care: The Fundamentals

Secondary Trauma: Look, Listen & Learn

Veterinary Social Work: An introduction to using the human-animal bond in therapeutic settings

Yoga and Depression: The Fundamentals